We provide full fledge services from planning to execution until follow ups. We have executed exhibitions, produced conferences, arranged for stay-in activities, sales talks, roadshows, annual and gala dinners, and so much more.
We deploy IT systems to assist or to ease the production of your event. The SBM system allows you to manage ticket sales and attendees in one comprehensive portal. Broadcast personalised emails or text messages to attendees from within SBM to keep track on headcounts. Keep your leads in one place for the best remarketing results.
We work with a multitude of suppliers and resources to deliver everything you wish for. But we do not over-promise and paint a picture that will never come to live.

This is our promise!


Product Launch & Sales Talk

Looking for fresh ideas to sell your product out? We have curated many techniques and trade secrets to retain and attract your targeted crowd and to make them stay.

Brand Activation

Looking to get your brand name out? Generate your best leads with the most in-trend and innovative activation activities with us.                                                       

Executive Retreats & Incentive Programs

Looking for team-building activities or workshops for your internal staff? Look no further, with immense experience we ensure activities we curate is aimed to keep your team on track to success.

Appreciation Events

Award nights and other appreciation events such as for buyers of your product are in our list of event specialties. Give reasons for attendees to be wow-ed over with your effort.

Seminars, Conferences & Trade Shows

Looking for a collective effort to bring like minds and brands together? With connections to industry heads, thought leaders and innovators alike, this collective effort is brought alive.


Design Services

Event Tree Solutions includes design of marketing collateral into our mix of event services. As important as it is to curate a beautiful event, it is equally as important to make that beautiful be seen by the public.

We carry extensive knowledge in design methods and ideologies in making your event stand out. Our in-house designed team is well equipped with knowledge and experience and crafting the best theme and follow-up collateral designs.

What We Offer:​


Design Consultation


Design Consultation


Social Media Marketing

Social signals are among the most important factors in online marketing. Especially for complex decision-making processes, such as ticket purchasing or registration.

Every action, update, post, presentation, picture or video that you upload to social media will have an impact on your online marketing efforts. When a prospective attendee is evaluating whether to purchase a ticket to your event, they will inevitably stumble on what you presented on social media.

What We Offer:​

Campaign Conceptualization

Profile Setup & Optimization

Campaign Process Mapping (Action, Channel, Outcome)

Content Planning

Campaign Reporting

Email Marketing

Email is not dead! In fact, email marketing is one of the most popular methods event planners use to communicate.

However, overflowing inboxes and spam filters mean that only a fraction of emails are opened, let alone read or clicked on. With a few tweaks and changes, you’ll be able to achieve much more from your email campaigns.

What We Offer:​

Contact List Building/Clean-up

Audience Persona Formation

Template Design

Campaign Follow-up

Event Web Design

When preparing an event one of the most important and delicate tasks is sharing all the details with attendees. Many of them demand almost personalized attention: your phone does not stop ringing; your email inbox is always full and even your WhatsApp collapses with messages. To make matters worse, there are last-minute changes and guests often ask you the same questions repeatedly.

Too many people get bogged down by the technical aspects of owning a website that they never start. We’re here to fix that. We handle the technical side, so you can concentrate on what’s important, building your business.

What We Offer:​

Web Design & Setup

Customized Domain

Expert Support

UI/UX Optimization

Website Hosting

Customized Email Address

Visitor Analytics

Media Advertisement

Our media advertisements encompass a mix of channels and methods to form a cohesive bond and synchronisation with other on-going social media marketing efforts. Our media outlets include traditional paid media as well as other forms of marketing efforts to help the event gain valuable exposure.

We work very closely with multiple media partners for various media outputs which we employ at different occasions depending on the event’s needs and requirements.

What We Offer:​

Media Planning

Content Creation

Influencer Partnerships

Experiential Engagements

Creative Cross-Promotions

Multimedia Production


Stay in control of your Event Marketing.

  • Events that you host will be uploaded to the Event Ticketing page at www.wonderlist.my for ticket sales. E-payment are available.
  • Provide key details such as event details, ticket price, and other event information as per compliance matrix.
  • For one-time event usage, uploading and revision of event details within the e-ticketing page must be conveyed thru us. A summary generated from the SBM system will be sent to you after the event.
  • After confirmation of all details, we will publish the tickets to be sold.
  • When a ticket is sold, you will receive a notification email as a host. Likewise, the buyer of the ticket will also receive a confirmation email with a QR code and ticket details.
  • If you should subscribe to additional email and text messaging services, you may send reminders or additional follow ups to your leads within the SBM platform.
  • Full user access is available for purchase. Monitor your ticket sales and the delivery of reminders and confirmations. You may key in additional customer leads into the system for email and text message promotions of the event. Stay in control of your event marketing.

Event Check-in & Registration services are available for your events.

  • The Event Tree mobile app is developed for paperless and digital event check-ins. The mobile app is in-built with a QR scanner to fasten and ease the registration process.
  • The QR code for ticket buyers is attached in the confirmation email sent from the SBM system when the buyer purchased the ticket from the E-ticketing platform.
  • All the participants need to do is present their QR code at the registration counter and scan to enter the event.
  • Additional services such as tag printing is also available.
  • After the event, the SBM system will generate a report of statistics for you.