Who we are

Who We Are?

Event Tree, the name as it is, is derived from an oddly profound nuclear physics theory. The Boolean Event Tree analysis explains about a method of deriving a subsequent series of events or consequences of an event. This back-cycle working method is what we employ to all our events. Dealing with consequences now rather than on the show day.

The biggest struggle companies face hosting events is the monetization of the event or simply said they do not know what to do with the results. Simply creating an event is easy, to find something that’s actionable and relatable is hard. We will provide you the know-how, crossing ideas from industry to industry just to find the perfect fit for you.

Vision & Mission

To be a leading event management company in Malaysia, by meeting and exceeding the expectations of our clients through innovative ideas and excellent delivery of services.

Event Tree Solutions wants to make events that are effective, innovative and flawless in execution, accessible to all businesses, associations and organisations alike. 

To do this, we ensure that our work-force is given as much freedom to explore their line of duty to the most innovative and creative capacity. We empower them with decision making and growth opportunities to support the delivery of our services to our clients.

Vision & Mission
Network & People


Event Tree was founded within a property technology company called Wonderlist Property. What started off as an internal events team, slowly grew outwards as more and more people started requesting for our event services. We have since then organized a long list of events that come in different sizes, shapes and forms, from property developers to high school alumni.

We may not have the greatest accumulated years of experience, but we do things different, because we are young, and we want to make a change. Embrace us and find out first hand just how pro-active we are for you. Let’s not cap our capabilities to the market share we have. We all start somewhere


Attention To Detail

Our processes are curated with systems in mind to ensure nothing is left out in delivering the most professional services, meeting the highest standard of work every time.

Result Oriented

When we curate events for you, its not about how big or extravagant the event should be. Our process takes more care of the fundamentals and purpose of the event.


All work will be completed in an ethical and honest manner. The reputation of our business and clients is of our utmost importance.

Innovative Technological Approach

Our execution is based on a combination of old school and new school, we reinvent traditional effective ideologies and methods and translate them into highly efficient technological systems to bolster and support your marketing efforts.

Cost Effective

We are result oriented. Our aim is to avoid wastage or resources to ensure cost of lead generation is always kept to a minimum.